National University Corporation Tokyo University of Marine  Science and Technology Oceanographic Observation Center



Departure/Arrival Information of Training Vessels

Umitaka-maru | UM-15-11 USC
Nov 6th, Arrived
 (by Nov 9th 10:00)
Shinyo-maru | SY-15-11
Dec 14th, Arrial
 (by Nov 5th 10:00)
Seiyo-maru | SE-15-18
Nov 27th Departure from the pond.
 (by Oct 14th 13:00)

About us

Oceanographic Observation Center was established in January 2010 with a mission of enhancing the observation capabilities of the university vessels while promoting safety onboard. The center's activities include,
1) maintenance of equipment for basic oceanographic observation,
2) planning and coordination of oceanographic observation,
3) support for observation at sea, and
4) management of oceanographic observation data.